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“Home Sweet Home?” An Ethnographic Study on the Experiences of Students Returning home from a short Teacher Training Programme Antonia Shevlin Abstract | PDF
A Critical Analysis of the Role of Spirituality within the Early Years Curriculum Adele Lunn Abstract | PDF
A literature review examining the impact of genetics on Additional Learning Needs, and implications for learners’ academic success Ross Phillips Abstract | PDF
A Qualitative Study into the Experiences of Higher Education for learners who are visually impaired Harriet Dunn Abstract | PDF
A Qualitative Study Investigating the Motives of Muslim Women for Studying Islam at a British University Sumayya Khan Abstract | PDF
A small scale survey assessing the impact of mentoring perspectives on mentoring schemes within primary and secondary schools Laura Brennan Abstract | PDF
Adult perspectives on children’s risk-taking: Outdoor provision in England and Denmark Megan McGee Abstract | PDF
Am I Engaged with Mathematics? A Child’s Perspective! Paul Benjamin Hobson Abstract | PDF
An investigation into the OECD’s International Early Learning and Child Well-being Study (IELS). Ayesha Lohar Abstract | PDF
An Investigation of Primary School Children’s Views of their Current Classroom Environment Jacqueline Horsfield Abstract | PDF
Effective utility of learning spaces in post-compulsory education from a student perspective Satwant Saggu Abstract | PDF
Exploring the experiences of a white, working class boy through the use of a narrative methodology Rachel Eileen Fenlon Abstract | PDF
Gender Differences in Mathematics Ability at an Undergraduate Level Laura Payne Abstract | PDF
How are international discourses on refugee education translated at the national and local levels of Uganda? Chloe Anderson Abstract | PDF
Sustainable Development Goal 4 in Myanmar: Analysing the Effect of Global Policy at National and Local Level Nay Myo Htet Abstract | PDF
Teachers’ perspectives on creative learning methods in STEM subjects in primary education Kate Dawson Abstract | PDF
Teaching Histories: Reflexivity, National Anxieties and the Neoliberal Turn Andrew Hay Abstract | PDF
The Existence of a Hidden Curriculum in Sex and Relationships Education in Secondary Schools Bethany Smith Abstract | PDF
The relationship between attending a Jewish secondary school and one’s beliefs and identity in adult life Chloe Spencer-Dene Abstract | PDF
Undergraduate Business students’ pedagogical use of ICT: The case of Pentecost University College Charles Buabeng-Andoh and Seth Agyekum Abstract | PDF
Underneath the Mask: Reflecting on personal experiences of school age bullying and its long term effects in adulthood. Antonia Shevlin Abstract | PDF