Getting Published: FAQ

Getting Published in Transformations: Frequently asked Questions

What happens to my paper when it is received by Transformations?

The paper is previewed by the Editor to check it is suitable for review by experts in the field. If it is written and referenced in the style of the journal, fits the scope of the journal, is original and adds to the academic knowledge in the field of education it will be sent to two expert reviewers. They will make a decision on the article and can reject the article outright (Reject), demand significant changes (Major Revision), demand or suggest small changes (Minor Revision) or recommend the article be published (Accept), possibly with suggested adjustments.

If the article is returned to the author for a Major Revision it will be need to be adjusted and will go back through the Editor to the reviewers. They must all be satisfied that the article is fit for publication. For Minor Revisions, the Editor will check that revisions have been done and then can accept the article outright or may return it to the reviewers for a further review.

Once the article is accepted by the reviewers and the Editor, is that the end of the process?

No, the Editor may make minor adjustments and send it for publication. You will then receive the final published proof to check and accept, or even make alterations if you feel this is necessary. You’ll then need to sign an acceptance which deals with copyright and reproductions. Only then, when you feel the final proofed version is acceptable will it be published.

How long does it take for you to publish an article?

This depends on the changes needed. If an article is received and needs only very minor adjustment, is accepted, and the final proof is agreed, it can be in the next journal which is usually under six months. It can be a little as six weeks. When multiple adjustments are needed this can be much longer, especially if the author doesn’t adhere to the reviewers and/or Editors instructions. If the article is over two years in the review process it may well be withdrawn by the Editor as the reviewers comments are consistently being ignored.

Can an article be returned to the reviewers for more than 3 reviews?

Yes, but this is exceptional.

My institution’s website requires I publish my work too. What is your policy on this?

Like most journals, Transformations has an open access policy. However, our policy is that your work is published on your institution’s website PRIOR to final edit to comply with our copyright regulations.

Do all submitted papers get published?

No, only papers which are suitable for the journal, which have appropriate academic underpinning and which make a contribution to the subject field are accepted.

Why are papers rejected?

For a number of reasons. Some might be out of scope of the journals academic focus. For example I rejected a very good technology paper because it didn’t align with education or learning. Papers which do not provide a contribution to the field of the academic study of education or lacking original content can be rejected. Very poorly presented or badly written ones might be rejected or returned for re-writing prior to review.

If my paper is badly written will it be automatically rejected?

Papers should be fit and ready with some adjustment for publication when they are sent. If you are in any doubt at all you should ask someone in your institution to cast a critical eye over it first. While we have worked very hard with authors who have submitted interesting or highly informative work with some considerable writing adjustment needed and eventually published articles this is not the norm.

If my article is rejected can I re-submit it at a later stage?

This is unlikely. As mentioned earlier, it would probably be better to write the paper in line with the journal’s scope and standards rather than adjust in and re-submit.