Auditing professional and agency partners working in and around schools for learning and wellbeing

In this blog post, Dr Julia Everitt discusses her school co-ordinator background and thesis, which explored the professionals and agencies involved in four schools. She reports on her analysis of the tools used to support schools, audit current partners and identify provision gaps. The aim was to enhance community schooling initiatives, but the last decade […]

Behind the Mask

Glenn Dene discusses his book, ‘Behind the Mask’, which documents photographs of staff at the Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, working through the Covid-19 pandemic.  Glenn answers questions about the book, his views on the NHS and how his education impacted on his life. 1) What is your book about? ‘Behind the Mask’ is a collection […]

Measuring Student Wellbeing

With the difficulties we are currently facing in education as a result of the global pandemic, issues of mental health and supporting learners through difficult times has taken on a new significance. In this post from our guest author Chloe Casey, perspectives are provided on the difficulties with measuring student wellbeing. Drawn from her doctoral research, the post highlights concerns regarding inconsistent approaches to measurement; and highlights a call for greater levels of validity and reliability, to improve comparable evidence for action.

Reflections of a Student Lockdown

In our next guest blog post, Rob Walker provides reflections regarding his experiences of completing an undergraduate degree during national lockdown. With the post starting with comparisons to dystopian societies; it then shifts to considering well-being and no detriment policies implemented by universities. Given that this no detriment policy has had a ‘profoundly stressful’ effect […]