Conference Year 2015

The 11th Annual Conference of the British Education Studies Association (BESA), 25–26 June

2015 Annual Conference

17th Annual Conference Cardiff Metropolitan University The diversity of Education Studies: theory research and practice Early Career Researcher (ECR) Preconference: 24 June 2015 Main Conference: 25–26 June 2015

Learning about ‘Life’ or valuing ‘Life’

This paper focuses on the education of future care-professionals. The current ‘standard-approach’ to teaching-practice entails that educational success is assessed following the paradigm of methodological behaviourism (Bernstein’s visual pedagogy). Our aim was to explore as to whether this approach, with…

Informal Learning within the Context of a Public House

Learning can be considered to take place in environments other than formally constructed settings such as schools, colleges & universities, home-schooling, tutoring and other organised or regulated scenarios. Further to this, strategies that incorporate learning also consider environments such as…