Small country, small steps, big impact? Other ways of doing and knowing, starting to play-out in the whole-Wales shift from ‘non-racist to anti-racist’ education

Over-due evidence reviews, and education policy developments are being undertaken in Wales within the expectations of the pan-Wales Race Equality Action Plan (REAP) and ‘an anti-racist nation’. Welsh Government (2021) published a clear set of recommendations in ‘Communities, Contributions and Cynefin: Black Asian Minority Ethnicities in the New Curriculum for Wales’ and outlines that professional […]

‘Open all hours’: researching access, play and adventure in school grounds (a collaboration between Play Wales, Cardiff Metropolitan University and local schools)

This paper explored the perceived benefits and challenges for all stakeholders in the piloting of an innovative ‘toolkit’ aimed at increasing the use of school grounds outside school hours for adventurous community play. Wales has taken a leading role in developing play policy and this research builds upon this tradition, providing insight into ways of […]

Education Studies: a research ‘journey’ from North Carolina to Cardiff: learning outdoo rs with teachers and practitioners in rain, snow and sun through conversations, observations and reflections

This paper reports on emerging findings from a collaborative research ‘journey’ by two researchers in USA and Wales working as ‘email-pals’ to examine teachers’ and practitioners’ experiences in the facilitation of learning and development in the outdoors. The work is situated in a context where a strong emphasis is being placed on outdoor learning in […]

‘Wild Time’: discovery and adventure tales from free-play episodes with a reception class working in an ancient woodland site

This paper presents the initial findings of an exploratory piece of research into four and five years old childrens’ play and exploration experiences within a Woodland environment as part of the Discovery research project. This project runs on university campus grounds with weekly visits from a local school reception class. The children undertake activities influenced […]