Walking in the footsteps of children and young people

Bernard R. Moss, Lee Pardy-McLaughlin and Mandy Rollins


This Research Informed Teaching Project at Staffordshire University brought together various key organisations involved in working with children and young people in order to present a conference at which the voice of care-experienced and care-giving young people could be clearly heard. The project structured the conference in such a way that the content was determined by children and young people, thereby modelling a student-centred approach to Research Informed Teaching, so that key themes and messages could be identified for practitioners and trainee students to incorporate into their professional practice. A DVD of the conference has been produced to enable these key research messages to be incorporated into training, education and professional development courses both within the university and by the organisations involved in the project. Implications for teaching and learning more generally are also highlighted.

Moss, B., Pardy-McLaughlin, L. and Rollins, M. (2011) Walking in the footsteps of children and young people. Educationalfutures, [online] Vol. 3(2). Available at: https://educationstudies.org.uk/?p=549 [Accessed 17 Apr, 2024].