Open Call for Abstracts – Essays on education

Reimagining Education: Stories of Hope

The Teaching And Learning Online Network (TALON) is looking for short papers (1500-2500 words) that approach education from a fundamental human and humane perspective, recognising the need to reimagine education.

We want examples that offer insights and practical solutions from a range of perspectives which could include complexity theory and design thinking. Whilst we are situated in the tertiary sector, we are not limiting ourselves to a particular level or area of education, whether school, further or higher. The call is open to all practitioners, disciplines and subject areas, established and new lecturers and teachers, and those in student support positions. Neither are we focussing on any particular type of solutions. So, whilst for example, some of us might be enthusiastic about technology, we are also cautious about putting faith in any single intervention without understanding the whole system. This means, we want contributions that are critically-reflexive of themselves, papers or case studies that engage with the topic on a deeper level.

In essence, we want to showcase the emergent ecosystem of what is possible in education – in our practice, our institutions, our courses – to create a positive vision for the future – and seed collective action for change. So, we are keen to engage with like minded individuals, academics or practitioners, interested in education and from across the globe – seeking examples from a wide number of settings, including the Global North and South.

Editorial Team: Sandra Abegglen, Tom Burns, Upasana Gitanjali Singh, Richard Heller, Rajan Madhok, John Sandars, Sandra Sinfield

Main Contact: Richard Heller,

All proposals (200 words) to be submitted at

Deadline for abstracts: May 15, 2023

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