Computing and ICT in the Primary School: From pedagogy to practice, by Gary Beauchamp

Richard Farr

Few innovations can have changed human life as much as the widespread incorporation of computers into our workplaces and our homes. While this process of adoption has been gradual and generally logical for us, the step-change between one generation of learners and the next is simply staggering. Younger educators’ school years might have featured occasional computer-based activities such as playing ‘Oregon Trail’, programming in LOGO, producing art on-screen or delving into the BBC Domesday Project, but the microprocessor had yet to achieve its ubiquity – changing the world and the pedagogical landscape.

At this time, educators need to know how best to make use of emerging technologies and services – in addition to acquiring the classical mix of skills and behaviours that we look for in a good teacher. With the second edition of ‘Computing and ICT in the Primary School’, Professor Beauchamp tackles this complex subject, allowing primary school teachers (and, if unintentionally, other educators) to bring about good outcomes in a classroom only recently colonised by computers, tablets, interactive whiteboards and a growing range of ‘smart’ devices.


Farr, R.(2017) Review of Computing and ICT in the Primary School: From pedagogy to practice, by Gary Beauchamp. Educationalfutures, [online] Vol. 8(2). Available at: [Accessed 10 Aug, 2022].


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