A Critical Companion to Early Childhood, by Michael Reed and Rosie Walker

Tracey Edwards and Zeta Williams-Brown

‘A Critical Companion to Early Childhood’ is an edited book by Michael Reed and Rosie Walker. The book effectively focuses on quality as an ongoing process in the early years. The sections of the book are divided into areas that include developing critical reflection, the developing child, taking a holistic view, policy and practice and professional roles and responsibilities. Chapters have been written by a range of international and noted authors that discuss either their own professional practice, the practice of others, and/or research and theory that has been carried out in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). The book has been designed to support undergraduate students and practitioners as a training companion. The contributors write to the reader throughout offering them not only important information for their studies or developing profession practice, but also providing moments of critical reflection. The approach to critical reflection means that the reader is actively encouraged to use the book’s content to develop reflective critical awareness. Undergraduate students particularly would be challenged by reading the book as they critically consider the quality services for children in relation to their personal professional values and beliefs, their own developing professional practice and the views of others. Along with the use of case studies and recommended reading, the book also extends its aim of being a training companion as it is supported by a companion website. The website includes printable handouts of critical learning activities from the book, podcasts from the contributors, links to additional resources and power point slides for each chapter that can be used by students, practitioners and tutors.

Edwards, T. and Brown, Z.(2016) Review of A Critical Companion to Early Childhood, by Michael Reed and Rosie Walker. Educationalfutures, [online] Vol. 7(2). Available at: https://educationstudies.org.uk/?p=5404 [Accessed 15 Apr, 2024].


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