Education students in Zambia – comparative education in action

Dan Davies


This paper reports on a study visit for undergraduate education studies students from Bath Spa University to Mufulira, Zambia, established in 2005. They were self-funding and participating in a second year undergraduate module entitled ‘Education in Africa’ which examines generic educational and development issues through case studies in different
African countries. The visit builds on a link with Mufulira College of Education and affords students the opportunity to work within different primary school contexts for a period of three weeks. The paper argues that this visit represents an exercise in first-hand comparative education study, since their assignments reveal that students have reflected in some depth on the cultural contexts within which their classroom observations have been made. The
discussion reflects upon the impacts of the visit and issues raised by it.


Davies, D. (2008) Education students in Zambia – comparative education in action. Educationalfutures, [online] Vol. 1(2). Available at: [Accessed 01 Mar, 2024].