Conference Papers

Sexuality in Education

If statistics are to be believed, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (LGBTQ), or gender and sexual minorities (GSM) individuals make up a significant part of both the student population and the workforce in education. Often however, there is an internal debate to be had about issues such as disclosure of their sexuality, the perceived impact of their sexuality on others and the role that education can ameliorate some of the issues which these individuals may face. This abstract will focus on issues such as:

The dilemmas faced by students and teachers surrounding their sexuality within education.
The effects disclosure about their sexuality, might have on their identity and the subsequent consequences of such disclosure.
The portrayal of a gsm student as a ‘victim’ or a ‘hero’.
The nature of intersecting identities and stigma in the classroom in relation to gsm teachers.
The role that education can play in supporting such individuals and the debates surrounding the teaching of such issues within the curriculum.

Cotterill, T. (2017) 'Sexuality in Education', paper presented to The 13th Annual Conference of the British Education Studies Association (BESA), 29–30 June, viewed 08 August 2020, <>