Conference Papers

Disentangling from Normalcy: The Co-constructed Narrative of an Education Studies Teacher

This paper will share an innovative and creative approach to researching the experience of disability through an Education Studies Programme. This has been realised through the development of a collegiate auto-ethnographic approach, which has drawn the academic experience and the student voice to the surface in a co-constructed narrative. Underpinned by a Posthumanist methodology, which draws on the “tangled lines” (Wyatt, et al, 2010:730) of Deleuze and Guarttari, we will be demonstrating the use of a sharing space for “becoming” (Deleuze, 1995:137) through the use of ‘show and tell’ snippets of memory and story, as a method for encouraging the “flow” (Deleuze, 1995:7) of discussion for this unique data collection methodology. The presentation will also share initial findings from the research.

Deleuze, G. (1995) Negotiations 1972-1990. New York : Columbia University Press
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Parker, M. and O’Brien, A. (2016) 'Disentangling from Normalcy: The Co-constructed Narrative of an Education Studies Teacher', paper presented to The 12th Annual Conference of the British Education Studies Association (BESA), 30 June-01 July, viewed 13 August 2020, <>