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BESA Web Site Lead
Bournemouth University

Before entering the education sector, Richard co-founded and worked as IT Director for, an award winning B2B eMarketplace, which was highlighted by Time Magazine as one of Europe’s hottest tech firms. Since working at, Richard has spent 15 years delivering eLearning; undergraduate media modules; and a range of education studies undergraduate and postgraduate modules at Newman University. A selected list of published academic articles and papers whilst working at Newman can be found below.

Richard has now left full time teaching to focus on his executive committee role at the BESA as Web Site Lead and his education doctorate at Bournemouth University. Richard’s doctoral research focuses on postgraduate educational practitioners’ attitudes towards technology, to uncover conditions for transforming dispositional technology beliefs within their study and practice.

Research Interests: Digital Technology; Digital Literacy; Ideology; Reflexivity; Employability; Critical Discourse Analysis; Poststructuralism; Biographical Research

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