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Joe Gazdula is a founding member of BESA and manages the two BESA Journals, Educationalfutures and Transformations. His academic interests span a range of education related subjects including Enterprise Education, Entrepreneurial Education, the Economics of Education, Transnational Education and Educational Management.

Joe is full time at Edge Hill University where he is 3rd Year Head of Business. He also writes for The University of Hull, The Open University and supervises a number of educational doctorates at The University of Bolton.

He is a keen advocate of new learning methodologies and this is the focus of his current research although he is currently developing a project to research the experiences of women entrepreneurs in Sub Saharan Africa.

Joe is a recognised expert in partnership development and has worked internationally to develop educational partnerships which provide excellent learning experiences for students in countries such as Zambia, Botswana, UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia and Germany.

Joe has a permanent consultancy at Reed Global where he has designed award winning management programmes and advised the Senior Management Team on learning and development programmes.

Research Interests: Enterprise Education, Learning Methodologies, Transnational Education, Educational Partnerships, Future Learning Technologies.

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