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Cathal O'Siochru is a senior lecturer in Education Studies at Liverpool Hope University. He has a background in Psychology, Research Methods, Education and IT. His field of research is the psychology of education and he specializes in looking at the impact of beliefs, values and perceptions on education and learning.

Research Interests: Personal Epistemological Beliefs, Student Beliefs and Values, Assessment Feedback, Performance Metrics.

Selected Papers:

O’Connell, C., O’Siochru, C. & Rao, N. (2019) 'Academic perspectives on metrics: Procedural justice as a key factor in
evaluations of fairness', Studies in Higher Education, [online], DOI:
Lundie, D. & O’Siochru, C. (2019) 'The right of withdrawal from Religious Education in England: School leaders’ beliefs, experiences and understandings of policy and practice.', British Journal of Religious Education, [online], DOI:
O’Siochru, C. (2018) 'Can the study of students’ epistemological beliefs and epistemic match help us to explore the
disciplinary nature of education studies?', Educational Studies, 54 (3), pp.319-334, DOI:
O’Siochru, C. (2018) Psychology and the study of education: Critical Perspectives on Developing Theories. Abingdon: Routledge.
Liverpool Hope University