Meet the BESA Executive Committee – Richard Sanders, Web Site Lead

Picture of Richard Sanders, BESA Web Site LeadAs web site lead on the executive committee, Richard Sanders introduces his role within the association and welcomes contact from the wider community regarding the online resources that BESA provides. Richard has previous professional experience in web site development that he brings to this role; is currently completing his education doctorate at Bournemouth University; and has also recently published a blog post for BESA on discourses of resilience.


As you’ve probably noticed over recent months, we have been spending some time and effort as a committee to develop content within the web site for the BESA community. We feel that this important work needs to continue into the foreseeable future, especially when taking into consideration the difficulties we currently face due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like the website to act as a hub for wider community events, experiences and reflections on the new realities that we find ourselves in, so please feel free to contact me with any ideas that you may have for doing this. As a committee of active professionals, we will also make sure that any of our news and opinions that are useful for the wider community are communicated on a regular basis, via the web site and our newsletters.

During this academic year, we hope to further develop the front end and functionality of the web site, to provide better access to (and presentation of) the content that is now being generated in the website. We will make sure that these developments are announced within the web site as they are released during the academic year.

Along with contacting me about content you might want featured within the website for the rest of the community, I would also welcome any messages regarding:

  • Any problems or technical issues that you encounter while trying to use the web site, so I can then investigate these and try to find a resolution for you;
  • Any ideas that you may have for the further development of the web site, which can encompass technical developments and new areas of content that you would like to see.

Looking forward to hearing from you on the above, or anything else to do with the web site and online provision!

Best wishes
Richard Sanders

BESA Web Site Lead

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