Meet the BESA Executive Committee - Calling all Newer Researchers within BESA Membership

In the next of our series of posts introducing the BESA executive committee, Julia Everitt provides an introduction to her Newer Researcher role. Using her experience of postgraduate study, she is now able to invite members who identify themselves as newer researchers to get in touch for further support. Further posts will be provided over the coming months for the rest of the executive, and you can find profiles for the team on the BESA website.

I would like to introduce myself, I am Julia Everitt the Newer Researcher Representative on the executive committee for the British Education Studies Association (BESA).  In this role I will be supporting any BESA members who class themselves as newer researchers (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, masters, postgraduate researcher (PGR) or early career researchers (ECR).

I spent 10 years as a PGR (through a part-time Masters and Doctorate) and started to identify as an ECR in 2018 after I was awarded my doctorate. I took on this role at BESA to support other newer researchers through the following aspects:

  • Communicating with the newer researchers amongst the BESA membership,
  • Determining what support any newer researchers would like from BESA,
  • Sharing any relevant events and opportunities,
  • Offering support to newer researchers who are BESA members such as around applying to the BESA conference, turning assignments/dissertation into BESA journal articles (Educationalfutures and Transformations)
  • Supporting newer researchers during the BESA annual conference or events.

If you do consider yourself to be a newer researcher and would like to stay informed about future opportunities, please get in contact via the email address below and I will add you to our contact list. When contacting I would be more than happy to hear from you regarding opportunities for support detailed above, and any further support you would like.

Best wishes,
Newer Researcher Representative

Dr Julia Everitt
Research Assistant
Birmingham City University

Twitter: @juliaeverittdr