Educational Futures: Call for Papers – Teaching Excellence (Doctrina Excellentia)

Welcome to our first call for papers in what one of BESA member called this “Jabberwocky year”.  This made me laugh but it also reflects the way many of us have had to live, work and teach over the last year, as we passionately provide outstanding teaching even in an upside-down year like this one.

One of the things I find in common among all those connected with BESA is that we understand and appreciate excellent teaching and so I thought we should give you the chance to share your excellent practice with the wider academic community in a way which would also enhance your research profile.  Therefore, I am introducing a new section for Educational Futures, the Doctrina Excellentia, where you can get your best practice published in the journal.  These can be sessions you are running currently in this strange locked-down learning landscape, but they can also be based on any excellent or innovative sessions you have run in the past.

What we’re looking for are articles of approximately 2000 words which highlight excellent teaching practice (doctrina excellentia). These should include an outline of the practice, written up with academic justifications. Optional additions include a short reflection of the practice or its impact.  In addition, you can include appendices with session plans, resources etc. which will not be included in the word count.  These will be double blind peer reviewed and published in the new Doctrina Excellentia section alongside other articles the 2021 summer edition of Education Futures.

If you wish to publish your practice or research in Educational Futures, you can submit online using the link below:

If you have any queries, please contact me by e-mail at .

Joe Gazdula

Managing Editor, BESA Journals

Call for Papers: Doctrina excellentia – 2000 word academically justified articles on teaching outlining excellent practice and highlighting best and innovative practice.

Focus: Academically justified articles outlining and explaining your excellent teaching practice.  This can include: teaching sessions, online work, activities, assessment practice, instructional work etc. but also other teaching which highlights excellence in teaching.  They may include a short reflection section and session plans with supporting resources.

Review: These will be double-blind peer reviewed and published in Educational Futures under our ISSN No 1758-2199.


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