Keynote Presentation by Professor David Hopkins | BESA Conference 2018

British Educational Studies Association (BESA)
14th Annual International Conference, University of Bolton, June 2018
‘Internationalisation and Collaboration: ’Values and value in globalised education’

Keynote Presentation by Professor David Hopkins

‘Globalisation, Moral Purpose and Emancipation – an agenda for school improvement and system reform’

In this keynote presentation David Hopkins will explore the themes of the conference as they relate to that part of the educational vineyard that he has tended for over forty years. He will begin by exploring the values underpinning what some call ‘the global education reform movement’ (GERM) and its impact on the practice and outcomes of school improvement and system reform. Taking his cue from Paulo Freire’s felicitous phrase that “ … methodological confusion can always be related to ideological error” David suggests that contemporary educational reform efforts that are infused by the GERM virus result in a stagnation of standards, a lack of empowerment and systemic fragmentation. The seminal work of Jurgen Habermas, particularly Knowledge and Human Interests, is then drawn on to explain why we are, where we currently are. This analysis leads to the formulation of a series of criteria for what David terms ‘authentic school improvement’. The resulting framework, that is predicated on moral purpose and emancipation, is then used to propose a series of guidelines for future practice, policy and research that will ensure sustainable progress in student learning, leadership practice and collaborative working into the future.

David HopkinsProfessor David Hopkins is currently Chair of Educational Leadership at the University of Bolton and Emeritus Professor at University College London and the University of Nottingham. He is passionately committed to improving the quality of education for all and has worked at the intersection of policy, research and practice for over forty years. David was Chief Adviser to three Secretary of States on School Standards in the UK, Dean of Education at the University of Nottingham, helped found the National College for School Leadership and consults internationally on school reform. He has recently completed his school improvement trilogy with the publication of Exploding the Myths of School Reform; the previous books being School Improvement for Real (2001) and Every School a Great School (2007).  David was recently ranked as the 16th most influential educator in the world by the American based Global Gurus organization.

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