Politics and the Primary Teacher, by P. Cunningham

Stephen Ward

The book is aimed at primary school teachers and students in teacher education with the mission to convince practitioners of the political nature of education and, in particular, of primary teaching. It explores the political dimension of a series of educational topics: the curriculum, citizenship, pedagogy, the workforce, audit and inspection, local accountability and democracy. The book benefits from a focus on primary education, distinguishing it from those books on policy which attempt to cover the whole range and phases of education. Another feature is the reference to policy across the UK, rather than the exclusive focus on England, and there are some interesting comparisons between England, Wales and Scotland.

Ward, S.(2013) Review of Politics and the Primary Teacher, by P. Cunningham. Educationalfutures, [online] Vol. 6(1). Available at: https://educationstudies.org.uk/?p=1117 [Accessed 15 Apr, 2024].


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