Whose benefit is it anyway? Dispelling the deficit model of non-traditional learners in higher education using focus groups

Although it is a commonly held view that Foundation Year students lack the confidence and the academic skills usually held by ‘typical’ university learners (Ford and Grantham, 2003; Marshal, 2016), anecdotal evidence would contradict this deficit view. Many Foundation Year students have held challenging jobs or positions of responsibility prior to joining the course or […]

What future for curriculum history? The pedagogy of history in the primary phase and an analysis of ITT students’ experience and preparation for the classroom

The data utilised in this document was collected from Initial Teacher Training (ITT) students completing postgraduate and undergraduate courses and relates to the experience (personally as a pupil and in school as a student) of those participating in curriculum history sessions learning about how to teach in the primary sector. As ever, the nature of […]

Teaching Portfolios and the Quality Enhancement Project in Higher Education

This paper examines the potential of teaching portfolios in higher education for educational development and academic staff promotion purposes. In particular it considers the specific challenges in “research-led” institutions. Given concerns about increasing measures of performance, workload monitoring, the changing nature of academic practice and career progression such work, we believe, is timely and appropriate. […]