When I grow up I want to be a comedian! assessing the impact of comedy and laughter training on the emotional and social wellbeing of schoolchildren

This study assessed the impact of a comedy and laughter training programme on the social confidence and well-being of 145 UK-based primary school students. Scores in self-efficacy, shyness and happiness were taken once before and twice following (immediately after and eight weeks later) the programme for both students on the programme and a control group. […]

The complexity of in-class debates in Higher Education: student perspectives on differing designs

This paper investigates students’ perspectives on the use of differing debate designs in Higher Education. Literature tells us that the use of debates provides students with a mastery of content and the development of skills such as critical thinking (Brown, 2015; Zare and Othman, 2013). However, the designs of these debates are diverse and they […]