The Education of Children from Military Families: Identity and Agency

The paper addresses the identity characteristics of children in military families (service children) and the conceptualisation of their educational experience. Looking beyond the bare facts of academic attainment and participation in higher education, the paper explores the impact of identity and agency on educational progression and accordingly presents the consequences for educators in engaging with […]

Lessons learned – Increasing participation of children with disabilities in Physical Education through a collaborative school and third sector partnership approach

This paper reports on an evaluation of the Everton in the Community Pan-disability Coaching Programme, an initiative which is concerned with enhancing the inclusion of children with disabilities in PE in schools across Merseyside. It aims to provide young people with a positive experience of sport and to increase their fundamental physical skills and to […]

Conceptions of Inclusion and Inclusive Education: a Critical Examination of the Perspectives and Practices of Teachers in England

This paper details the development and operation of a system of inclusive education in England during the latter part of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st Century. Through the employment of a literature review and in-depth semi-structured interviews the study sought to determine how teachers defined and operationalised inclusive education in their schools. […]