Journal Keywords: Education Studies

Lost Generation? New strategies for youth and education

Patrick Ainley

The article outlines the main points in my new book with Martin Allen. Published by Continuum in April 2010, it questions whether young people today really are a lost generation as they have been called by the media. Or whether...

Despite Ourselves? Education Studies: between spirit and 'passing on'

Julian McDougall and Stephen Griffin

This article presents findings from a curricular intervention made by lecturers on the Education Studies degree programme at Newman University College (a programme that stands alone without any proximal relation to teacher training). In so doing, it engages with the...

What Education Studies is and what it might be

Patrick Ainley

Education Studies at the University of Greenwich is presented as an example of what Education Studies is – at least at one Higher Education Institution. As a field of practice to which a body of knowledge can be applied, Education...