Whose benefit is it anyway? Dispelling the deficit model of non-traditional learners in higher education using focus groups

Although it is a commonly held view that Foundation Year students lack the confidence and the academic skills usually held by ‘typical’ university learners (Ford and Grantham, 2003; Marshal, 2016), anecdotal evidence would contradict this deficit view. Many Foundation Year students have held challenging jobs or positions of responsibility prior to joining the course or […]

“Setting Fire to the Rain”: A reflection on the influence of Paulo Freire’s philosophy on seminar leadership in Higher Education

During the last decade, the university ‘seminar’ has become recognised as an important part of the student experience. This paper aims to present a reflection on the influence of Paulo Freire’s philosophy on, and its relevance to, seminar leading in higher education. It will be argued in this paper that seminar leaders must reject rote […]

Re-imaging the new educational professional: opportunities, challenges and consequences for Education Studies

The connection between Education Studies and UK Initial Teacher Training is difficult to avoid, particularly given their histories. For many working in the field this is also desirable as it offers an opportunity to reclaim cherished principles of teacher education free from the shackles of regulation and surveillance. In this paper the authors question a […]