Schools, Space and Culinary Capital

DATE: 23rd February 2021

This webinar introduces the notion of culinary capital to investigate socialisation and school mealtime experiences in one Academy school based in the UK. Whilst forms of culinary capital have been discussed in public discourse, such as social media, it has not yet been discussed in a school-based context.

This research which was funded by the British Education Studies Association (BESA) aims to highlight how forms of culinary capital can be extended in the school dining hall, whilst debating the processes of socialisation and how these are said to interfere. The research data consists of interviews collated from children, teachers and staff within the school. The school dining hall is central to the focus of this research and the research includes visuals, field notes and references to observations.

Speaker: Dr Gurpinder Lalli, Senior Lecturer in Education and Inclusion Studies

Organiser: Dr Aneta Hayes

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