Critical Education in Capitalism

DATE: 11th November 2020

In this session, I will build on my recent work on the neoliberalism by locating the current Covid-19 crisis in the crises of capitalism. I will argue that education has had, and will continue to have, a central role for capitalism. Therefore, to comprehend the nature of education necessitates an understanding of capitalist economics. Drawing on the example of higher education in England, I will specify three functions that education has in capitalist economies – my provocation will be about how these functions may alter after this historical moment and how we as (critical) educators could/ought to respond for the objective of social justice.

Speaker: Dr Alpesh Maisuria, Associate Professor of Education Policy in Critical Education at the University of the West of England

This session will be delivered online. Joining links will be sent out to attendees by email nearer the start date.

Organiser: Dr Aneta Hayes

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