BESA Seminar – Trials and Tribulations of Newer Researchers

BESA Seminar - Trials and Tribulations of Newer Researchers

DATE: 17th March 2021

  • Are you a Newer Researcher in education?
  • Do you want to meet Newer Researchers from other institutions?
  • Would you like the opportunity to discuss any issues and concerns that you have faced or anticipate facing with your research?
  • Are you interested to get feedback from both peers and experienced academics in an informal and safe space?

The British Education Studies Association (BESA) in connection with Birmingham City University are organising an online seminar for Newer Researchers.   The aim is to provide a safe but critical ‘space’ where Newer Researchers can come to talk about their research with a focus on any issues they have faced or are facing.  These issues are wide ranging, but could be about the research focus, choosing methodological and theoretical frameworks, ethical dilemmas, negotiating access, data collection, analysis or any other experiences from being a Newer Researcher undertaking research.

Who is this event for?

This event is for Newer Researchers in Education, which BESA define as students undertaking an undergraduate degree, a Masters programmes or a doctorate.  The event will gather Newer Researchers together from these different degrees and from different universities. To participate, Newer Researchers do not need to have completed their study – it could include Newer Researchers who have yet to undertake their primary data collection or those who have completed the data collection, but are yet to undertake the analysis.

What is the aim of the event?

The main aim of the seminar is for Newer Researchers to get the maximum benefit from the experience and peer feedback.  The event will be an informal environment where they can discuss their research and any experiences, issues and troubles and gain helpful and constructive feedback.

How will the event be structured?

The seminar will be hosted by two experienced educational researchers who will act as discussants and one will help guide and structure the event, but an aim of the event is also peer support. The seminar will commence with a short conservation between the two discussants about one of the trials and tribulations from their own experience.  Following this eight Newer Researchers will be invited to introduce their research and outline the problems they are facing.  Participants can use PowerPoint to help structure/illustrate their presentation, but this is their choice.  After each Newer Researcher has presented, there will be a five minute discussion session with the discussants and peers.  Participation will give an excellent opportunity for Newer Researchers to talk about their research and form networks. The event will run from 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm on 17th March and will have a maximum of eight Newer Researchers discussing their own research, to allow time for everyone to discuss their issues.  The event will include a wider audience who will not present their problems, but will take part in the discussions.

Seminar Lead: Dr Julia Everitt

Event Organiser: Dr Aneta Hayes


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