BESA First Annual Conference 2005

BESA First Annual Conference 2005

DATE: 1st July 2005-2nd July 2005 University of Chester
Exton Park Chester CH1 4AR

The 1st annual conference was held in the historic and graceful setting of The University of Chester on the 1st and 2nd July 2005.  The aim of BESA is to allow Education Studies professionals to share ideas and perspectives about the nature of the subject. The conference comprised papers from the following themes:

  • What is Education Studies?
  • What different kinds of curriculum does it have?
  • What knowledge and skills do students learn?
  • What is the theoretical basis for the subject?
  • How does Education Studies relate to teacher training and the professions?
  • What is the role of the subject disciplines: psychology, sociology, philosophy, history?
  • How does education relate to the economy?
  • Where is Education Studies in the hierarchy of university subjects?
  • What are the career prospects for Education Studies students?
  • Current research issues.

Keynote addresses were given by Prof Ian Stronach, ” Does Education make you professional?“, and Prof Alison Wolf, “Does Education make you rich?

Ian Stronach is Research Professor of Education at the Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University. He is also an editor of the British Educational Research Journal and a member of BERA Council. His research interests include social and cultural theory as well as a number of substantive fields that include professionalism, identity, and the early professional learning of teachers.

Alison Wolf is Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management at King’s College London. Her highly successful book, Does Education Matter? (Penguin, 2002) explodes some of the myths about the idea of education and economic growth. Her research interests include the demand for skills and qualifications in the labour market and the contribution of skills and training to productivity and growth.