EsCalate New Lecturer Research

BESA is currently working with ESCalate on a long term project developing support structures and materials for new lecturers in Education Studies. In order to do this we need initial data from new lecturers in the subject. To this end we have designed a questionnaire for these new lecturers i.e. those within their first two years of teaching. We would greatly appreciate it if you could pass the attached questionnaire on to any new staff you have in this area and encourage them to send a completed copy to the e mail address given.

As explained clearly at the top of the questionnaire all reply emails will be deleted with only the attachments used in the analysis to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. Once the data has been collated all of the attachments will be deleted.

We do hope you will be able to help us in collecting this data that will prove invaluable in achieving our aim of supporting academics working in this area. Please follow the link below to access the questionnaire.

New Lecturers in Education Studies Questionnaire

Best wishes,

Steve Bartlett