Education Studies - QAA Benchmark Review

The QAA is reviewing all its subject Benchmarks, including those for Education Studies which were written in 2000. BESA was approached by the QAA to consult on proposed revision to be published in March 2007.

At the BESA Executive meeting on October 4 there was a general discussion of views of the Benchmark. Steve Bartlett reported these to David Gale, the QAA Officer leading the review.

BESA was then invited to form a QAA review panel. Chaired by David Gale, the panel met on two occasions: November 29 and December 21 and comprised the following BESA members:

Steve Bartlett, University of Wolverhampton

Daphne Evans, TrinityCollege , Carmarthen

Alan Hodkinson, University of Chester

Chris Wakeman, University of Staffordshire

Hugh Somervell, University of Worcester

Stephen Ward, BathSpaUniversity

The main outcomes were:

  • Substantial re-wording of the document to make it consistent with current practice in the subject
  • Removal of the three levels from the benchmark criteria: threshold, modal and best

The consultation is a significant achievement in playing a strong role in the definition of the subject. It meets one of the aims of the Association and indicates the BESA is now recognised as a leading organisation in the field.

Stephen Ward (Chair)