Call for Chapters of an edited book on ‘Education and Mental Health’

I am calling on interested authors to submit a 300 – 500 word proposal for a chapter of around 7,000 words concerning the intersection of mental health / impaired mental wellbeing / mental illness in relation to educational practice and theory in schools and universities.

Contributions are invited around a number of crystallisation-points:

  • the learner/student
  • the learner/student and the teacher/tutor interface · the teacher/tutor within the educational environment.

Submitted proposals should display a critical discussion around any of these three aspects, whereby the author should aim to broaden the readers’ understanding of underlying issues, clarify concepts and highlight specific aspects via a sound argumentative structure. Submitted proposals can take an empirically evidenced form (research-projects, case-studies) or the form of a conceptual argument. However, in both cases the proposal needs to make sufficient reference to relevant theory.

The book will be published with Routledge and is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students of education. The objective is to foster a far-reaching and informative engagement with the topic area by introducing and offering a wide range of perspectives and different approaches (e.g.: sociological, psychological, philosophical etc.). Experienced and early-career academics are invited to submit, but also practitioners and researchers. International contributions are specifically welcomed.

Please send an abstract/proposal of 300 – 500 words alongside with a short author-biography to:

Sonia Pieczenko, Lecturer in Health and Social Care
University Centre North Lindsey, UK

Download the PDF version of this post here.