BESA Webinars

Past Webinars

BESA Seminar - Trials and Tribulations of Newer Researchers

Speaker: Dr Julia Everitt

The aim of this event is to provide a safe but critical ‘space’ where Newer Researchers can come to talk about their research with a focus on any issues they have faced or are facing. 

Schools, Space and Culinary Capital

Speaker: Dr Gurpinder Lalli

This paper introduces the notion of culinary capital to investigate socialisation and school mealtime experiences in one Academy school based in the UK.

The Health, Status and Future of Undergraduate Education Programmes: What do Programme Leaders Think?

Speaker: Dr Mark Pulsford, Dr Rebecca Morris, Dr Ross Purves

Some preliminary results from a BESA-funded research project.

Critical Education in Capitalism

Speaker: Dr Alpesh Maisuria

In this session, I will build on my recent work on the neoliberalism by locating the current Covid-19 crisis in the crises of capitalism.

‘Garbage in, Garbage out’: Do’s and Don’ts of simple quantitative analysis

Speaker: Dr Cathal O'Siochru

If you’ve wanted to dip-your-toe into quantitative methods but found them a little intimidating, this session is ideal for you!