The push for online content

Our BESA Secretary Dr Steve Dixon has found some time away from his day-to-day work as a Senior Lecturer at Newman University; to reflect upon the technologically mediated realities that now exist within education. The post provides an opportunity to think about a variety of problems, digital divides and inequalities that can be situated around technology […]

“Take care of the sense and the sounds take care of themselves”: First year undergraduate Education Studies students’ experience of digital audio feedback

Previous studies on audio feedback – where markers digitally record assignment feedback as an mp3 file which is then integrated or returned with the assignment – have highlighted how it has the potential to save academics’ time, as well as being a medium preferred by students. On a performative level, these may be important in […]

Sounding Good: Exploring the potential of audio feedback

Most academics find the process of giving detailed, appropriate feedback to students an extremely time-consuming one. With increased VLE use and blended approaches to delivery, opportunities are now available to re-appraise different ways of recording and giving feedback to students. Under the auspices of the Joint Information Systems Committee’s (JISC) Sounds Good project (Rotheram, 2009a), […]