Richard Sanders

Richard Sanders

Are you resilient enough for COVID-19?

Picture of a not very resilient egg with a COVID mask

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot seem to escape messages about building resilience, which have been developing for some time now. In this first blog post from Richard Sanders, discourses of resilience are critically considered and questioned. Given that these discourses can be underpinned by an alignment to genetics and…

Blog Post

Authentic Student Partnership: Space for Diversity and Inclusion

Linking with the themes of diversity and student perspectives, this conference paper provides insights into an on-going Students’ as Partners (SAP) project within Education Studies at Newman University. From the inception of the project in 2013-14 and responding to the question “Where do ideas come from?”-three undergraduates have taken the…

Conference Paper

Education Studies Students 2.0?

At Newman University, Birmingham, as in much of UK HE, there is a concerted effort to move towards models of e-assessment, blended and distance learning. Set against this is the ongoing and persuasive discourse that tells us our students have changed (Prensky, 2001, et al), making grandiose claims as to…