“Children are more than just a statistic. Education is more than government outlines”: Primary teachers’ perspectives on the standards agenda in England

This paper focuses on qualitative findings from a study that investigated primary teachers’ perspectives on the standards agenda in England. Q-methodology was used to investigate the complexity of their perspectives. The study’s Q-methodology findings are published in Education 3-13 (Williams-Brown and Jopling, 2021). This paper focuses on qualitative responses from this study that were completed […]

Collaborative resilience-building: supporting childhood resilience through interaction between adults and children

The article reports on the key findings from a project that investigated children’s perspectives on their resilience, including whether they had a positive perception of themselves, whether they believed they were resilient and what support was available.  The project formed part of an evaluation of Headstart, a programme funded by the Big Lottery (2017-2021) trialling […]

Symposium | Childhood resilience and wellbeing: implications from the Headstart evaluation for schools and communities

University of Wolverhampton Symposium The Office of National Statistics Survey of the Mental Health of Children and Young People indicated as long ago as 2004 that about 1 in 10 children in Great Britain experiences mental health problems (Children’s Commissioner, 2017). Although the Government has pledged to improve access to mental health provision in schools […]