Collaborating in school networks: the realities of navigating the professional boundaries of schools

Since the start of state education policymakers have encouraged schools in England to collaborate and form networks with the statutory, private and third sectors. These partnerships and their co-ordinating roles support the wider outcomes of schooling, but the co-ordination has been reduced due to the desire for increased academic outcomes and a smaller state. The […]

Auditing professional and agency partners working in and around schools for learning and wellbeing

In this blog post, Dr Julia Everitt discusses her school co-ordinator background and thesis, which explored the professionals and agencies involved in four schools. She reports on her analysis of the tools used to support schools, audit current partners and identify provision gaps. The aim was to enhance community schooling initiatives, but the last decade […]

External agents, providers and specialists: an exploration of the other individuals invited to be involved in schools and classrooms

This study examines the other individuals involved in schools and classrooms who are not teachers or teaching assistants. Many terms exist for these individuals including external agents, providers and specialists. This is set within a policy background of government reports, Acts and initiatives from the early 1900s which contain invitations for these external agents to […]