Mindful approaches with primary school aged pupils (aged 7-10 years), in a nature reserve, from the perspective of their teachers

It has been over fifteen years since Louv (2005) stated that children were suffering from ‘nature deficit disorder’’ and Miller (2005) warned of the damaging effects of biodiversity loss as people become increasingly disconnected from nature. Since then, numerous studies have aimed to improve children’s nature connection (Barrable and Booth, 2020). However, there are those […]

Behind the Mask

Glenn Dene discusses his book, ‘Behind the Mask’, which documents photographs of staff at the Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, working through the Covid-19 pandemic.  Glenn answers questions about the book, his views on the NHS and how his education impacted on his life. 1) What is your book about? ‘Behind the Mask’ is a collection […]

Being immersive and subversive in nature. A study of the experiences of children from four different primary schools taking part in mindful approaches in local nature reserves.

Evidence shows that children are increasingly becoming disconnected from nature (Bragg, 2013; ; Charles, 2018; Moss, 2012; Ridgers, Knowles and Sayers, 2012; Sobel, 2008; Waite et. al. 2016). Louv (2011|) calls this situation immoral and unethical and states that “we need to give nature back to our children and ourselves” (p.268). Nevertheless, it is argued […]

Students’ well-being, wild-ness and freedom from the ‘magic capture’ of assessments.

Neoliberalism has dictated policies and attitudes in higher education for well over a decade (Hursh and Wall, 2011; Lynch, 2006; Sanders-McDonagh and Davis, 2018). Within the neoliberal model “the individual (rather than the nation) is held responsible for her or his own well-being.” (Lynch, 2006, p. 1). However, In Wales the Well-being of Future Generations […]

Musicking in Nature and the Nature of Musicking

This paper explores how children’s music making outdoors involved interactivity with nature (Adams and Beauchamp, 2018). Children from five primary schools in South-East Wales made music in various outdoor rural locations. These activities were video-recorded and after their musical performances, the children were interviewed using video-stimulated reflective dialogue (VSRD) in semi-structured interviews. Their teachers also […]