Conference Papers

When lip service isn't good enough: Embedding curriculum change.

In light of research (Hockings, 2010) that evidences HEIs as being very weak in terms of curriculum content concerning gender, sexuality and sexual diversity, this paper identifies the collaborative process in which the School of Social Justice and Inclusion is engaged to ensure that all nine of the ‘protected characteristics’ (Equality Act, 2010) are embedded securely and confidently within its curricula content. The School has a portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, ranging from Education Studies to Youth & Community Work, Counselling and Social Studies, all of which aim to demonstrate best practice, raise awareness and promote discussion across the university at a time when the Strategic Equality Plan is a sector-priority in Wales. Some of the challenges will be addressed and the impact on curricula at all levels of education will be considered. The paper will finish with an analysis of a structured mechanism for both staff and students to identify best practice in this field and manage issues arising where best practice has not been followed.

Ainsworth, S. (2017) 'When lip service isn't good enough: Embedding curriculum change.', paper presented to The 13th Annual Conference of the British Education Studies Association (BESA), 29–30 June, viewed 13 August 2020, <>