The Professional, Policy, Politics and ‘Successful Futures’

The aims:
  • To introduce the key education policy initiatives in Wales such as the Donaldson Review of 2015
  • To reflect upon the challenge of this and the other recent policy initiatives to the educational professional in Wales
Over the 1999-2015 period, Wales has used devolved powers in education. This paper will contain a detailed review of recent education developments in education policy and practice in Wales and the political context will also be discussed. Key initiatives including the WA ‘Qualified for Life’ strategy (2014), the Donaldson Curriculum Review : Successful Futures’, the Foundation Phase (3-7), the Enterprise Troopers programme, the new Workforce Council, Qualifications Wales reforms, the Welsh Bac, the new Teacher Training Centres and the ‘New Deal’ for the educational professional.
There will a brief analysis of the power of politics within the country and a discussion regarding the possible continued effect of political influence in education policy in the short, medium and long term. The paper will then finally reflect upon these very recent strategic developments and the possible future challenges to the key stakeholders, including the teaching profession.
Conclusion: To generate discussion regarding the use and efficacy of recent Welsh education policy