The Innovative Use of Screencasts in Higher Education

Screencasting, or video screen capture, has become a popular and convenient practice that is integrated into many learning activities and provides an effective platform for sharing information and ideas. This reflective paper describes and analyses the innovative use of the screencasting technique in contemporary Higher Education. The research approach adopted by the author is a form of reflective phenomenology in which experience is used as the basis for the study of a present day educational phenomenon. The main focus of the work is initially on the use of screencasts in mainstream teaching and student support where examples of screencast usage are demonstrated and evaluated. Later in the paper attention turns to the use of screencasts for staff development or information sharing. Again, examples are provided and briefly analysed. Finally, the author outlines some further opportunities for screencast use and closes with a brief outline of next steps. In essence, the reflective approach to academic writing that is adopted within the paper provides opportunities to integrate theory and practice in the context of authentic practical experience.