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The Controversy will continue

Creativity is a popular research topic worldwide due to its links with educational and employer successes. The majority of research has focussed on either the development of creativity measures or the systematic review of the measures, analysing the reliability and usefulness of them. However, the mere conceptualisation and nature of creativity is still disputed and this requires further attention before a truly reliable measure can be developed. To date, no research has undertaken a systematic review into the nature and conception of creativity. Therefore, this research attempted to provide an overview of what the literature states creativity is, the nature behind it and what facets constitute its multidimensional structure. A thematic analysis of the literature identified three main themes; Resources, Supportive Environment, and Individual Differences. These themes are discussed in line with current literature with a strong emphasis on future directions and implications.

Pritchard, S. (2019) 'The Controversy will continue', paper presented to The 15th Annual Conference of the British Education Studies Association (BESA), 27–28 June, viewed 08 August 2020, <>