Parsing Pedagogies: An examination of pedagogical practices in Liverpool schools

Education Studies programs tend to hinge on textual analysis and dialogue. However, in order to gain deeper insights into some of the key questions Education Studies asks, this symposium underscores the methodological and theoretical value of classroom-based research as well. The presenters will discuss two distinct observational placements in Liverpool primary schools (LSP) that they have undergone as Education Studies students at Liverpool Hope University (LHU). The talks will specifically indicate how these placements enabled reflections on critical pedagogy, the integration of refugee and other new arrival students and linguistic diversity.

Presenter 1: Rebecca Jackson (LHU)
Title: Schooling and Hospitality: A Liverpool primary school’s approach to welcoming new arrivals

Through observing lessons and exploring an LPS environment, it was possible to gain deeper insights into how schools with high populations of new arrivals help to create a welcoming environment for these refugee and migrant students, and how they educate their domestic students about refugee experiences. This talk will discuss the rise in right-wing racist groups like the EDL and how schools can increase tolerance by crafting thoughtful pedagogies (using multi-modal methods).

Presenter 2: Bethany Shepherd (LHU)
Title: The Profusion of Tongues: How multilinguality enriches the classroom

This talk will explore linguistic diversity in UK schools, based on the speaker’s research at an LPS. In particular, it will consider common approaches to teaching English as Additional Language students, the benefits of having multiple languages in schools (from the social to the cognitive) and some techniques for supporting linguistic diversity both in and out of schools. Further, this talk will discuss Philosophy for Children as a possible methodology for enhancing linguistic and cultural diversity, and indicate how this was put into practice in the observed classroom.