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Montessori: Simple activities to aid complex fine motor development

This research examines the close relationship between Montessori education and fine motor development deploying both observational research, and an autoethnographic review of personal experiences. The act of pouring is focussed upon as a key skill that should be mastered by many young learners. This skill was observed through several activities of pouring different materials in a progressive manner. Data was recorded regarding the time taken for participants to pour the material, as well as the amount transferred and spilt. A close examination of related literature is made, with studies identifying clear links between fine motor development and academic achievement. In addition to this discussion, specific use is made of the experiences witnessed whilst immersed within a Montessori setting; it was experiences similar to these that initially lead Montessori to found her pedagogy. The foundation for further discussion and investigation has been laid for considering the role that alternative forms of education, specifically Montessori, play in the mainstream education of society.

Cope, A. (2018) 'Montessori: Simple activities to aid complex fine motor development', paper presented to The 14th Annual Conference of the British Education Studies Association (BESA), 27–29 June, viewed 14 August 2020, <>