Conference Papers

International perspectives on Equity

Many countries are considering how their education systems can be a vehicle for developing more just, fair and equal societies. Across the globe, we are asking what role schools have to play in developing equity for the citizens of its countries. Socio-economic background remains to be a key determiner of children’s educational outcomes and as Europe seeks to grapple with issues of increasing ethical complexities, many countries are seeking ways to develop equity as an influential driver in educational reform. This research paper will set out an international collaborative research project which aims to develop a shared understanding of the principles and values of equity across several European countries. A key aim of the project is to determine a means by which equity in schools can be assessed and the information used as part of a school’s improvement journey. The presentation will share the initial findings of the first year of the research.

Stewart, S. (2018) 'International perspectives on Equity', paper presented to The 14th Annual Conference of the British Education Studies Association (BESA), 27–29 June, viewed 18 October 2021, <>