Innovating the Field of Education Studies: Knowledge Technologies as assemblages

The present paper reflects on professional practice and innovations in the context of a first year (Level 4) module – Culture, Curriculum and Technics – offered as part of the BA Education Studies at London Metropolitan University (UK). The module explores a number of important questions about the relationship between technology, knowledge and society and begins to think about how our ideas about each of these contribute to an understanding of what education means. The module also explores what contribution education, knowledge and technology might make to the sustainability of the human era known as the anthropocene. With these highly theoretical (and also philosophical) questions the module moves beyond the scope of what is normally covered in a first year undergraduate module. It seems therefore important to reflect on broader questions, such as, what a knowledge technology is and how this presents a new epistemic position about education. Through the content of the module and the theoretical notion of ‘assemblages’ from Deleuze and Guattari, the present paper will argue that the knowledge technologies themselves present an ‘assemblage’ which extend our understandings of the world and how we come to learn about the world. This opens up new possibilities and innovative practices for teaching and learning within Education Studies as a specific field of study that may have the potential to widen our understanding of the discipline.

David Blundell, Principal Lecturer in Education Studies, London Metropolitan University

Jessie Bustillos Morales, Lecturer Education Studies, London Metropolitan University

Sandra Abegglen, Lecturer Education Studies, London Metropolitan University