Influence of social media use on the academic attainment of social studies students in tertiary institutions

This study investigated social media use and its influence on the academic attainments of social studies students in tertiary institutions in Delta State of Nigeria. The design for the study was a descriptive survey and the Instrument used was the questionnaire. It was tested for reliability with Cronbach Alpha and it yielded an index of 0.75. The questionnaire was administered to a sample size of 200 third-year students in a tertiary institution in Nigeria. Data obtained were analyzed using t-test statistical analysis with mean and standard deviation using SPSS version 26. The finding shows that there is significant difference between social media use and academic attainment in social studies, and that there is significant difference between male and female students’ exposure to social media among social studies students in tertiary institutions. Recommendations were made from the findings on the necessity for proper education on the part of school administrators to assist social studies students in using social media effectively for academic goals, as opposed to frivolous activities that will not enhance their academic achievement. From the findings of the study, male students use social media more than their female counterparts. To lessen the detrimental influence of social media on academic achievement, it may be suitable for the government to establish a body to monitor and control young people’s activity on social networking sites.