Factors influencing students’ enrolment in agricultural science education course

This study was aimed at identifying the factors that influence students’ choice of Agricultural Science Education course as well as motivational variables that could improve enrolment in Nigeria Tertiary educational institutions. A descriptive survey design was used in the study. A total of 200 randomly selected students (respondents) from the Department of Agricultural Science Education in three tertiary institutions in Delta State of Nigeria constituted the sample size. Three hypotheses were formulated for the study. Questionnaires were used as an instrument to elicit responses. Data was analyzed using frequency distribution table, simple percentage, mean rating, standard deviation and Chi-square test statistic at 0.05 level of significance. The study identified difficulty which students experience before gaining admission into tertiary institutions to study Agricultural Education: teachers’ perception about the subject and their method of teaching, parental influence and family considerations, and unavailability of job prospect after graduation as factors that affect students’ choice of Agricultural Science Education as a course of study in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The study recommended the following among other things based on the findings: scholarship to students who indicated interest in studying Agricultural Science Education in tertiary institutions, introduction of “General Agriculture” as part of the General Study (GST) course into the curriculum of all field of study in all tertiary institutions as this will help to improve on students’ attitude towards the course. Other intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors based on the Expectancy Theory of Motivation are discussed.