Exploring values through Holocaust education: reflections on a teaching and learning experience with Primary School children

This paper considers how the values of meaning, identity and remembering might be developed through learning about the Holocaust. As well as describing personal experiences of a visit to the world heritage sites of the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps, a series of lessons about the Holocaust undertaken with Primary School children are outlined. Drawing on observations and some responses of children, it is proposed that further to the History Curriculum, aspects of both Spirituality and British Values education are also fulfilled through this subject. Thus, the themes of meaning, identity and remembering are each considered in relation to each subject area.
Additionally, the paper explores how Holocaust education might inspire a critical pedagogy. It is noted that this is a sensitive topic. Therefore, critical questions regarding the role of representation, morality and theology are not ignored, and it is suggested that each might contribute to the development of values in order to inspire hope and change.