Education in a Changing Society, The Pentagon: more than triangulation in ITTE – five perspectives on the Mentoring Journey of a Beginner Teacher on the PGCE.

This is a five-way presentation on the mentoring journey of a Beginner Teacher on the University of Derby Secondary PGCE, with the student, the Mentors from both Placement A (a state 11-18 school) and B (an independent 13-18 school) engage in conversation with both the Alliance Secondary Lead, and the Assistant PGCE Programme Lead to discuss what makes a successful journey.

As an Alliance, we offered all our students the opportunity to attend BESA and Olivia was the student who responded, coincidentally a social scientist the same as the Alliance Lead (although with a different specialism), so we thought that we would use her interest to discuss the way in which a PGCE process works, and discuss what has been learnt this year by these five women working together to give Olivia the best start to her career as we are able to. In particular, we focus on key mentoring traits; the handover points; the student perspective; the Alliance’s perpetual learning curve (where each cohort is unique); the assessments; and the feedback (where, coincidentally, Olivia has also been one of this year’s Student Reps).  This frank conversation will examine the challenges and the joys of working with a Beginner Teacher at the start of her journey into the profession.

The backdrop to this presentation, is the DfE’s ITTE market reforms, and the changes to PGCE from September 24, and one of the things this group of five women would like to articulate, is the way in which School Direct PGCE programmes like these have worked very well for students and school staff in active conjunction with HEIs for the last decade.

Please note that due to teaching commitments of the Deputy PGCE PL, this paper needs to be scheduled for presentation on Friday 30th June. Thank you.